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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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murder more than a month after that boy died. good evening everybody. i'm in tonight for girard. for the first time, we are learning exactly what kind of injuries that four month old boy sustained. nathan o'neil joining us right now. >> yeah jeff, it has chilling details of what that young boy went through a. skull fracture. broken ribs and multiple bruises. he was only four months old. when he died back in december. he was taken to the hospital after his father claimed he try ed to get him ready for a bath, but he would not wake up. he was ultimately arrested and charged with murder. tonight, an arrest report sheds light on the father's background. he was a heavy drinker and smoked marijuana often. the baby's father claimed those injuries were caused by cpr. however, medical experts told
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in their professional judgement, the injuries could only have been caused by abuse. both he and his family still maintain his innocence. >> we're going through so much. why have them go through the worst. and then tell me he was -- he murdered (indiscernible) they think he murdered his certain. his own flesh and blood. >> reporter: and the coroner still has a few tests to complete. as for the father, he remains behind bars without bail. his next court appearance is scheduled for february 18th. >> there could be a change headed our way in the weather. news three is your weather authority. we're going to send it over right now to jerry brown for a first look at our forecast. change, jerry, right? >> yeah, i'd say tomorrow it's going to be a much better looking day than today. no doubt about it. we're in the low 50s across the valley, as you can see 52 at our
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but, let's take a look at the dopplar, valley dopplar, you can see, it was active but really close with no cigar. us. we were in the line of a large area of trough fieness to the west. over towards mesquite and washington county. mountains. there's good chance for snow level. you can see now. so our skys and i'll show you on a time lapse, it's gone partly cloudy now. a seasonable chill overnight with northwest winds 5-10 miles per hour. lots of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures still struggling to get into the 60s. but i have a warm up in my seven day, and you're going to like that when you see it. jeff back to you. thanks. here's a live look right now at the airport. they're reporting a couple dozen delays and cancellations due to
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we're going to have more on the east coast rush with old man winter later in this newscast. metro police are gathering information and interviewing witnesses as they work to investigate the incident on the strip last night. two bystanders when officers fired on a man walking in and out of traic waving a gun and pointing it at people. around 7:30, officers con fronted the guy and said the suspect did not obey their commands. officers fired on the man who's not yet. the gunfire grazed two bystanders. and the suspect is apparently known as somebody who frequently sells stuff on the strip. he was arrested. metro police investigate ing a deadly shooting in a northeast las vegas apartment complex. morning.
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of owens and nellis. the man was found lying in a lot near an apartment complex. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. witnesses told police the victim was riding a bicycle when a pick up truck pulled alongside him. somebody in the pick up fired and then drove off. >> new at 6:00, tonight we're getting our first look at the evidence in a gun smuggling case involving u.s. navy sale. >> reporter: -- alcohol tobacco and firearms. highlights of problems of illegal guns flowing in to nebraska. >> he was bringing over, this is a draggen rifl ye here is a ptm infantry machine gun. >> these guns from a 2010 case are being shown to the cameras for the first time. it started with a conspiracy. a navy seal working with two men from las vegas to smuggle beguns
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>> they were claimed these firearms -- the -- that particular seal smuggled these back into the country. >> reporter: an agent with the atf tipped off the smuggling ring by his informant. in the course of five months and dozens of guns. ak-47 and sniper rifles, and gear including night vision. a break in the case came when the agent notice add small marking on the rifle. >> all we know is it is an iraqi firearm, based on that marking there. that triangle would be arabic letter signifies this firearm wa owned by the iraqi military. to complete the trafficking operation, they worked with two las vegas men. they pleaded guilty to the --
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half years in federal prison. john trainer, news three. the atf says that trafficking operation also involv to campaign for hillary clinton. castro hosted a breakfast for the semiably woman olivia diaz restaurant on north eastern avenue. he then head ed to her caucus convention with clinton prezincked captains. the convention took place at a union hall. the bernie sanders campaign was busy too. the community leaders that support the senator marched on tremendous mont street this afternoon. the sander's campaign expected 100s of supporters to join the march. clinton, sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley are competing for the democratic nomination. democrats hold their caucus in nebraska four weeks from today on saturday february 20th. la, republicans hold theirs on february 23rd.
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proportions making big headlines tonight. >> if you want to avoid the enforce ment reaction, get off the street now. the deaf stating wrath of mother nature all across the east coast. it is the fifth biggest school system. the dissuggestion rend way to break up the school system. you're watching news3 live at six.
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a pretty picture tonight. welcome back everybody. jeff in tonight for girard. the discussion continues on how to break up the school system. the nation's fifth biggest. there was public discussion on how to implement assembly bill 394. the legislative session. it requires a plan to split up the school system in time for the 2018 school year. this was the fifth community forum he would on the issue.
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when are we going to see change in our school district? what we can do better. so (indiscernible) it's a lot of finding out what we can do better. and the forum reaching out to the hispanic community will be held next week. it has been a warmer couple of days in our valley. but folks do not get too comfortable a. change could be sweeping into the valley as early as tonight. >> i'm afraid so. 56 was all she wrote through below normal today. we are below normal on the downside. tomorrow's going to look a lot better and a warmer. no heat wave until the end in the 7-day forecast.
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some warmer air welcome back, a live picture right now. we have our sister station in washington. they are out on the street driving around in that huge storm which is hitting the nation's capital up to two-feet. actually more th two-feet of snow right now in washington. they're the only ones on the road. lea everybody else has been told to stay off. there you go. that is what it's like driving in the washington, d. c. area. welcome back. back east, the death toll continues to rise as that monster storm batters more than 70 million people. new york is the latest target expecting up to 30-inches of snowfalling as fast as three-inches an hour. mary ma loanny with the latest. >> reporter: snow. snow. and more snow. app epi-i think storm knocked out power for thousands shut
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flights. stranded on the road. some stuck for as many as 19 hours having to decide whether to stay warm and keep their cars running or conserve gas. in new york, the governor instated a travel ban to encourage people to go inside. >> the situation is getting worse. >> reporter: the city that never sleeps will be a little quieter. all broad way shows cancelled. bridges and tunnels lead leave closed. >> we're doing tae to protect people. >> reporter: but some are taking advantage of the winter weather. this sled shows two delighted children. >> reporter: and at the zoo, some of them played in the snow. but looking at the blizzard from outer space, you can see just i mary reporting.
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we'd rather be here than there. actually. >> reminiscing about our days in dc actually. wc put that live picture up maybe. >> it's going rather fast. >> they actually are. >> i'm not sure i would recommend that. they should slow downright now in washington. >> i hope they have snow tire, which virtually no one does in the district of columbia. that's in the east. we have a change here. >> we have a little snow tonight over the 6,000-foot mark. for us, we're shapinging for the better. first of all, i want to go back east. and you know, you see all these shots of the white house and the national mall. there's -- this is where people live. there's some housing developments there. and i'll put this in motion and you can see. thest a white out. it was just a mess all day as you can see down in dc. contrast to our skies. which of course certainly had a lot of activity. but if you look quickly. a pronounced break in the cloud cover and skies got dark. here's the view from the
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from our skies. and of course the beautiful skyline there. 53 down on the strip. winds are calm at the moment and this is live. thermometers will update on the air frequently after i embarrass me. 37% relative humidity. do you want of 28 . meanwhile out in the summer, notably cooler. 49 in medical school and summer land sxhchlt a pressure fairly low at 29.77. boulder city, milder 58 in pahrump. and moisture up there. 34, and 52 in searchlight here in the valley. 52 at our downtown studios. and spring valley, 51 in henderson. and centennial in the upper east. pushing 60 . we didn't make it downtown over sunrise. usually the warmest thermometer we have.
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hit 61 there in the southwest. 52 currently down from the high of 56. these are official figures. 58 in the city. 42 in reno. these in your opinions, believe it or not, are nothing compared to what's going to happen. the highs pressure builds in and these temperatures are going to plummet. so cold enough by our standards back there. you can see the storm is moving off. it's off the mid atlantic. we call the delmarva coast down there. blizzard conditions still in evidence. but they're going to be a diminishing overnight in that cold air will be moving in. for the west a widespread area of low pressure. we're pretty much out of it right here. we have moisture to our east as i showed you earlier, and also over the mountains, here's dopplar. you can see, nothing really going on in our valley. let's put it in motion again. the motion staying out stithe west.
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i'll turn that 35 around staying pretty nice going into at least the first half of next weekend. we'll take the 68. >> i love that. >> that'll be perfect. the massive snowstorm pounding the east causing a lot of headaches. but also c moments. most people don't look fared to shovelling snow. but one new jersey guy found a fun and surprisingly fast way to get it done. you're looking at adam. he grabbed his hover board. he let the hover board do all the work. only took him a few minutes. that is one smart guy. we mentioned it early, we want to give you another shot at this one. here's what could be the snow video of the day.
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that's one washington, d. c. resident not staying inside. one of the national zoo pandas. look at that guy. cameras at the zoo caught him sliding down a hill and enjoying the snow in his enclosure. we're told he was caught making snow angels. we don't know if if it's true. we don't care. it's cute. enjoy, my friend, tin tin rolling around.
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rebels play end state rival r in and about a half hour, they tip off against nc state rivals reno. sdp center the rebels are the 5-6 point favorite. they are looking for their fourth straight win under interim head coach. the wolf pack is number one in the conference. in rebounding and blocks, on this front, the wolf pack seated zimmerman. he is second in the conference in these areas. and only expected to get better after coaches hand him a personal challenge.
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get every shot. anytime someone goes gets the ball up. go block it. he accepted that challenge. i'm proud of how he's doing. every rebound -- he's a monster. >> i think they're just playing. for the first time -- make sure we use this whole thing as fuel and that we actually you know, we run with it. so it's been heing us out obviously. we'll have highlights from that game tonight at 11:00. and hoops, another big rivalry. the big city show down between the prep and bishop gore man. he handed finally prep its first loss of the season, winning 77-71. this is their ninth meeting. one step finally prep has dominated. after their loss today, pirates are 7-2 in their series. my coanchor is at the upset today.
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all right finally at 6:00, when the blizzard hits washington. they couldn't doing a game in the snow. you could only imagine what happened we a patrol car pulled up and wanted to play. they rumbled down the street for what looked like a touchdown. the red skins need offensive help, maybe they should call the dc cops. there you go. >> one way to get through things in washington. looks like fun. good basketball today. >> it's a good game. >> that really isn't. and of course u and r. fingers cross. you get the last word what do you want to say?
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mountain, but it's looking good in the valley. sunny tomorrow. thank you for watching us here at 6:00. we'll be back here at 11:00. announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show, y'all. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] hey, y'all. how's everybody? i appreciate y'all, now. thank y'all very much. thank you, everybody. thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. and, my, oh, my, oh, my, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of 41,595 bucks, straight out of birmingham, alabama, it's the champs, it's the johnson family.
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